Monday, April 25, 2011

v4 24: rocking stools, sushi tray and some tables

I worked on a couple ideas today it being Sunday and all. I wanted to start working on the 3D models in Solidworks but didn't get around to it. After some brunch and some work in the backyard I sat down and drew a few ideas.

Rocking Stool idea was sort of based on the workout chair thing that I had done some concepts for before. But this was just a cool idea where the user could rock in all directions while sitting.

The Sushi tray was an idea I had a week ago that I wanted to work on. I wanted it to be designed for sushi for 2. Where the sushi could be served in the center and brought to the table and the users could remove their own sushi tray to eat.

I just sketched some random tables while I was watching TV , nothing crazy.

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