Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Thats racing!

I made it one session before the car broke. The motor went off song during the first practice session. I was just getting up to speed, feeling out the new pavement. I was definitely not going fast. Here is the video. 

After going through the majority of the carburetor jets, the valve springs and spark plugs we could not get the car to run correctly. It was discovered by the motor builder on Monday that locking screw #28 in the diagram below loosened and let the venturi #22 move so it did not get optimal air and gas flow and it bogged the motor down.

As the title as oh well that is racing.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

First race of 2012

And guess what is a SCCA Majors Invitational which is new racing program SCCA has introduced. I am not sure how this weekend is going to go; but as long as the car runs well and take care of my stuff and remain calm I think it will be a good weekend.

The race is being held at Pueblo Motorsports Park in Colorado. I have driven this track a few times. I am not sure I have finished a race here, but we will change that this weekend. On the other hand my dad has been driving this track since I was 6. Guess what again, we are racing against each other in the same car in the same class. Have I set up up enough drama yet for this race weekend? Well I need to add one more thing. Two weeks ago my dad was racing there with his girlfriend in RMVR (Rocky Mountain Vintage Racing). He took pole and won his race. His girlfriend was wrecked on the last lap in the last corner of her race and not a very pretty wreck either. So BFDracing has already written of one car this season. Add on top of all of this, PMP was just repaved and no one really knows the best line anymore because they changed parts of the track. And some of the best FP racers in the country are coming out for the event. So how do I think I will do.

If you have ever read any of racing posting before there is 2 motto's I live by in racing: 1) You can lose more than you can win, 2) Be Smooth, Be Calm and Have Fun!

Here is the car I will driving, I have won 4 SCCA Nationals races in this car. I LOVE IT

Here is the track I am racing:

Here is the battle of BFDracing Loti

Updates on Monday!