Friday, April 29, 2011

Spray Can Martini Shaker from v4 17 already made...

If you look at #DESIGNADAY v4 17 you will see a basic sketch that is a spray paint can martini shaker I was thinking about. Well today on there is a spray paint can martini shaker:

Pretty Cool looking!

On sale at the Museum of contemporary art:

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Next Up and Updating

I think the next project up is either the Light Balls or the Bench Buddy. Not sure yet... I will finish with the Drank Kart because that is the hardest to build in the sense that it is the most parts. I had also forgot about the multi-container wine chiller I might want to render that out too.

The Sushi tray also got good responses and it will get further developed and rendered.

I also I need to get the Twin Bendy and Gumdrop stools into some nice formats. It could be a long weekend and next week...


v4 18 Phase 2: Nature Coffee Table

This got a very positive response. I think I have seen things like it but I guess this is my take on it. It is the Nature Coffee Table. A mix of industrail materials and organic. The Table would be made out of a bent metal (most likely steel) and powdered any color. In the center is planter for grass or flowers or other organic stuff. It could also possible be used as a fish pond, although the fish would have to be very small and some sort of filteration might be needed, but thats for another day.

My Logo (for now)

This is what I worked on yesterday. I got Photoshop so I worked on a Logo and Watermark. The logo is only temporary since I did it quick and my friend who is graphic designer at my office giggled when she saw it. Oh well! I still got something, she also helped me with my Watermark which will take a little more too.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I currently do not have Photoshop on my home computer. Until I rectify the situation my renderings are not going to be formatted. Soon. Ps soon!

Plus I need to add a watermark and logo to all my images. Not that they are brilliant but I should still protect them.

v4 10 Phase 2: Twin Bendy Chair

How to make a chair using 2 sheets of Bent-wood or metal. This is the twin bendy. I like the concept but it doesn't look too comfortable maybe it would make a good board room chair.

Phase 2 from Sketches to 3D models

Over the next couple days I am going develop a few of the concepts from the last 25 days. I did a basic example of Phase 2 with the Gum Drop rocking stool below.

My favorites are v4 6 the bench buddy, v4 9 drank kart, v4 10 bent-wood chair, v4 12 light balls and v4 18 nature table.

At some point I am going develop the molded plastic bar stool (v4 22) and PTR chair 2(v4 22). But not necessarily over the next week.

Email me or comment on the designs you want to see move on to phase 2.



v4 24 phase 2: Gum Drop Stools

The "Gum Drop Stool" was developed thinking about how to incorporate a workout ball into a piece of furniture. The stool rocks on its round base forcing the user to engage their core muscles for stability. Since it was designed as device for exercising, naming it the Gum Drop Stool was only fitting. Comes in semi-translucent or opaque plastic with rubber base.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Spike Light

This is a project I did in couple hours one day, from sketches to 3D model. The idea was a circular fluorescent bulb held be either chromed or polished steel arms.

v4 24: rocking stools, sushi tray and some tables

I worked on a couple ideas today it being Sunday and all. I wanted to start working on the 3D models in Solidworks but didn't get around to it. After some brunch and some work in the backyard I sat down and drew a few ideas.

Rocking Stool idea was sort of based on the workout chair thing that I had done some concepts for before. But this was just a cool idea where the user could rock in all directions while sitting.

The Sushi tray was an idea I had a week ago that I wanted to work on. I wanted it to be designed for sushi for 2. Where the sushi could be served in the center and brought to the table and the users could remove their own sushi tray to eat.

I just sketched some random tables while I was watching TV , nothing crazy.

v4 23: Container Gardens and Planters

I am planing a container garden this summer so reading about how to set up container systems what plants go together well. Along with watering systems so I sketched out one idea on that. Then I sketched a few planter idea as well where they raise up and one pot could water the one below it.

Container System:


v4 22: Martini's and Chairs

I started working on Martini tray when I got home and made myself martini and spilled it a few times, but I did come up with anything I really liked. That is the first set of sketches.

Then I started working on a updated version of my plastic molded chair to go with the bar stool was working on earlier. Bigger Radius, fun portions and updated aesthetics.

martini tray sketch page (fail):

PTR chair 2:

Friday, April 22, 2011

My first mass produced product

The Whirl Wheel was designed in the Summer/Fall of 2004 a couple months after I graduated from Pratt Institute. It was my first massed produced product and first patent as well. It is a rubber Frisbee that squeaked. I wanted to name it the D.F.O. but it was named the whirl wheel and is still sold today.

Whirl Wheel:


v4 21 (via 22): Plastic Furniture Line Extension

I did not have any time to work on an idea yesterday so I have to do 2 on the 22nd. So the idea for v4 21 (via 22) is an extension to line of stackable plastic molded furniture that I posted early. I decided I should add a Bar Stool I also tinkered with the aesthetics a bit.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

“It’s so much easier to make stuff now,"

So many great articles today about product development and the industry! This is about and other small product start-ups and how the industry is transitioning!

Published: April 20, 2011

v4 20: 3rd Annual Wallabout film festival

For my design project yesterday I worked on a workout bench that was also very modern and attractive for small living quarters where it can not be put away. Unfortunately the design ended up looking like a dentist chair.

I was also attending the Pratt Institute 3rd Annual Wallabout film festival hosted by the Pratt Film Dept and the CritViz Dept (if I left anything out I apologize). The Wallabout film festival is a for student films from around the globe. This year the event was held at BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music) a couple a blocks from my house. There were 16 films shown in 2 segments I was only able to attend the second showing. The 8 films I saw were all excellent and ranged from emotional to whimsical. I decided I would write about the 3 I enjoyed the most in the order they were presented.

Jello & Gunpowder directed by Maxwell Cohn
This was a very cool film and great way to start the 2nd viewing. The film is more of music video of back and white patterns flashed at you as if you were staring through a kaleidoscope at a black and white TV. Still not sure how the director created the patterns and images that he did so I will just except that it was from blowing up jello molds with gun powder.
Here is a link to the film:

Dar kouche baad miayad (the Wind is Blowing on my Street) directed by Saba Riazi
The description of this film in the program is simply "A young girl in Tehran accidentally gets left on the street with no head scarf" but there is so much more to it. This is a world as an American I no so little about except what we are spoon fed by our media. The director masterfully captures the discomfort of this girl having her head and feet exposed in public. For something so foreign to me it was also very real.
Here is a link to the film:

Oops directed and edited by Chris Beckman
This is very cool the director took YouTube videos of people dropping cameras, throwing cameras and doing activities that create shaky videos and cut them all together in a seamless smooth transition that take you from backyards to oceans and nightclubs to mosh pits.
Here is the link to the film:

Find out more about these films and the Wallabout film festival here:

"Designs for life won't make you a living"

Very interesting article about the state of the design industry particularly the furniture design industry. All I know is I wont stop dreaming or working and hard work usually pays off!

-Source Justin McGuirk

Speaking of Cool Design Projects

Re-imagining Light Bulbs by AlessiLux:

-via and

Projects Past and Future

Everyday while I add my project from the day before I am going to try and add another finished project whether it is from my professional life (I can only add projects that have been or are currently on the market) or my personal life (freelance work and just for fun projects). Things like the Fusion Filter, Turbo ball and Squeaksters were developed and are owned by the company that I work for. The Plastic Furniture and Wheel design are free time work.

Below is an example of project I did for my car racing team, my father wanted a logo for our Alfa Romeo racecars that was a tongue cheek version of the Prancing Horse of you know who. We named it the "Tartaruga Rampante"

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

v4 19: Six Leg Rocking Chair and Chiller Bucket

I have always thought it could be cool to create a 6 legged chair, yes sort of like Homer Simpson's (look it up) which many people have replicated. It is a funny idea but it really embodies what invention and design is. So I took a shot at it, it needs more work.

Since I was not that happy with how I resolved the Six Leg Chair I took up sketching modern wine or champagne chiller buckets. I was looking at other elements from modern furniture and applying them to the bucket chiller. I think there is a lot of room for innovation with these. Like the sketch of triple tree chiller for clubs and restaurants. This could be fun to develop further.

6 Leg Rocking Chair:

Chiller Buckets:

Turbo Ball

This is a ball for dogs I designed for my company. It is made out of TPE. I based it on the shape of a Turbo Charger:

Rendering and Drawing:


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Recent suggestions

-Golf Bag with drinks table

-Book stand for lying down, so your arms don't get tired

-An outdoor(camping) collapsible cooking pot that holds water/liquid

-Beer-cooler go-kart

-Re-Grind Plastic Products


-fold able step stool

-collapsible book cases

-expandable book cases

-both above combined

-Sustainable furniture: Bamboo, reclaimed, scrap metal! ETC

v4 18: candle holders and nature table

Worked on a couple ideas last night. First I had an idea for the balance chair concept from v4 11, I uploaded it to that post so it can be seen there. Then I started working some candle holder ideas. We have very traditional one on display so I just started drawing some modern ideas for them. Then I started messing around with an idea that has been explored by other designs, incorporating nature directly into furniture design. My garden is in bloom so it seemed fitting.

Modern Candle Holder concepts:

Nature Table concepts:

Core77 Design Awards

I think I am going to enter one or two of designs in this as a DIY'er. Not sure what it should be yet. I have 2 weeks to get something in.

If anyone has any suggestions based on what they have seen on here let me know. If it is one of the sketches I need at least 2 days to get it built in Solidworks and rendered.

German Split 6 Wheel Design

I did this project several years ago when I was looking for wheels for my car. All I wanted was split 6 spoke wheels that were off-set and bent around the lip. I could not find what I wanted so I designed it. My buddy Kenny through it on the GTI for me thanks buddy!

GS6 Wheel:

GS6 on a GTI:

Monday, April 18, 2011

V4 17

Today I did 2 sheets since I failed to do a sheet on for v4 16. The first sheet I did was a couple ideas for martini shaker and glass. The 2nd page was a page of possible ideas for re-grind plastic products that one of my friends suggested I work on.


re-grind plastic products:

V4 16


v4 15: a coffee table

This was just quick design I did after a long day touring a trade show in Atlantic City then driving back to Brooklyn.

Plastic Molded Stackable Furniture

This is a project I did about a year ago. I took a sketch like the 20 or so I have already posted and started resolving it in Solidworks a design/engineering software. From there I developed some nice presentation pages and model. This is what I am going to do with some of the concepts that I have been working on for the last month and over the coming months.

Solidworks Renderings of the Plastic Furniture:

Saturday, April 16, 2011

V4 14: carpets of AC

This was not in the true sense a design project. We had to attend a trade show in AC so unfortunately I didn't have time to sketch or think too much about any project. I have always admired horrendous patterns of AC casinos from carpets to wallpaper in particular all Bally's Casinos, as I was walking from casino to casino I decided that documenting these patterns would count as today's project so a photography project it is!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

V4 13: Cloud couch

The concept that clouds look comfortable and statements like sleeping on cloud. I thought a big over stuffed cloud couch could be really cool. This was sort of based off Super Mario Brothers clouds. The iconic 2D cloud translated into a 3D couch. As I write this I thought it would be really cool if it was modular and it could be moved around and rearranged to make any shape cloud couch you want. This design could make great seating for bars and clubs as well as museums.

Cloud Couch:

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

V4 12: Light Balls

V4 12 was easy. I had an idea I thought about it on my way to my uncles house for dinner. Arrived and drew out what I was thinking.
Easily adjustable lights on a string or rod so users could adjust how much light they want in certain areas quickly and easily.
Today is going to be a little harder to sketch an idea. It has been a LONG DAY! But I will have something (hopefully good) for you tomorrow.

PTR V4 12 Adjustable Lights:

The Squeakster's

These are Vinyl Squeaking Dog Toys I developed for my company. I really like how these came out. Coming too store near you soon!


First Samples:

Final Products for your purchase:

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

V4 11: few bad ideas

Monday April 11th, busy day at work, I have to workout and most importantly Lauren's Birthday! When will I have time to develop my idea. Well I didn't have much so I worked on some sketches at the end of the day and hated what I came up with, but here were the 3 ideas.

Exercise Office chair:

Pivoting Shelf:

Roto-Molded Bulbous Drawers:

Given my lack of ideas at the end of yesterday I have decided whenever an idea pops in my head I writing it at the top of a blank page for further development. So far I have 4 ideas moving forward. This way I will at least have a direction when I am pressed for time.

UPDATED 04-19: Last night I had a cool idea or at least nicer looking idea for the balance chair concept, see below: