Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Am I a amature racer or just a pro traveler?

Just realized pro racecar drivers have more days off than me. I work 4 days 8-5, fly out to, race 2 or 3 sessions for 3 days, fly back go back to work. In last 4 weeks I technically had 2 days off!

I know I know don't cry for me, it was my choice. They say: seat time, seat time, seat time well I have gotten it. Racing 3 different cars in 4 weeks on different tracks

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

BFD Racing 2010- Halfway Point (Brooklyn Branch)

It is the beginning of July and I have 6 of 12 races I am going to run this season in the books. So far we have competed in 4 SCCA races and 2 SVRA (sort of, get to that in a sec).

Memorial Day Weekend:
The first race of the season was "Rock the Peak" a SCCA Double National at PPIR in the FP Lotus Super 7 , we went out and won both races plus set 2 track records. Our main competition came from a racer's whose day time job was to manage the track, so a pretty good win. Last year I ran my first race in the Lotus and came home 3rd and 2nd. I knew the car was capable of winning so it was very nice to get my first SCCA national win in the Lotus that crewed to several championships. I want to thank Leith and Paul for all their help.

June 25th, 26th and 27th:
The second race of the season was "Mid Ohio Vintage Grand Prix" with the Alfa's. I love this race and love this track. Over the years I have gotten faster and faster at this track driving into the top 30, then top 20 and now the top 10. With the help of Chip, Paul, Chris and Graham it has always been a pleasure to compete at this track. We qualified 8th overall, we were the fastest Alfa all weekend at Mid Ohio. We came home 8th in the Qualifying race and 1st in class. Then Chip and I went to run the enduro, I missed a shift on 10th or 11th lap and bunged the motor, I should have brought it in to reduce the damage but I kept running. I let Chip get in the car and motor let go. My bad Chip, regardless I am looking forward to The Glen. So I did not get to run the feature race. Never forget you most first finish to finish first!

4th of July Weekend:
"Freedom Sprints" at HPR. This race was part of the SCCA Super Sweep Championship. Back in the FP Lotus 7 to defend my 2 early wins. Minus a couple small issues getting the car to the track, we came to compete and win. Saturday was the Super Sweep race, we qualified 9th overall and 2nd in class it only took a couple laps to take first in class and 7th overall. This secured my first hat trick in SCCA national racing. The following day we were not so lucky, after a oil tank issue forced us to miss qualifying we started 16th overall, even though I was able to drive to 8th place overall I could not catch the 1st place in class car and was forced to come home 2nd in class. I once again want to thank Paul for all his hard work on the car. Plus my Willis, Sunny and my Mom for coming out and cheering me on.

I want to thank my Dad for all of this, with out him I would most likely just be watching racing and Lauren for putting up with my and the overall insanity that comes with racing from the travel to my own personal neurosis!

So half through we have record of 4 out 6 with 3 SCCA wins a SVRA win and 1 Driver error DNF

Coming up:
Kohler Historic at Road America, with the help of Tim we should do pretty well
SCCA Labor Day Double National, looking for 2 more wins
(possible the SCCA Miller Double National in August, if necessary to win the division)
US Vintage Grand Prix at The Glen, make up for the mistakes at Ohio and bring home a checkers

Here is the video of the last lap at HPR winning the Super Sweep: