Wednesday, September 15, 2010

BFDracing PTR 2010 Campaign

BFDracing PTR 2010 Campaign in 3 different cars, 2 different series and one off specialty race:

SCCA Safe Racer National Series (racing my 1964 Lotus Super 7 in FP):
6 national races:
-4 wins
-a 2nd
-and a DNF
-3 track records
-First top 3 overall, retired from 2nd overall with the DNF
-Finished 7th overall in National Points out of 78
-2nd in the Colorado Division.

SVRA (racing 1966 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint in group 3 B/S):
4 vintage races:
-1 win (top 10 overall out of 40)
-a 3rd (14th overall out of 55)
-Awarded something for improvement

Kohler International Challenge (racing 1973 240 Nissan Z in group 8 CP):
One off Vintage event, with a huge field of cars
-2 4th places in CP out of 16 cars
-22nd overall out of 65 cars in group 8

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Thoughts during the season

From Me to my Dad, GF and Crew Chief:

3 races left, lets win them all...

With my SCCA division title hopes possible on ice after seeing that my closest competition raced 2 races that I didn't, the only thing left to do is go out and win my last 2 SCCA races of the year. He can have the division by stacking points, but he wont get it by beating me!
It is time to turn my disappointment into determination to win. Not to do something stupid or crazy but to go out and go fast and set a simple precedent if I raced every race you would not have beaten me.
It has been a good a year, the goal was to prove that I was a fast and competent SCCA racer this year and I did. The goal was to grow as driver and prove to myself that what I believed was true and live up to that and I have. With 2 SCCA National Races left and the US Vintage Grand Prix at Watkins Glen I just need to keep up the good work and enjoy myself.
I have many years to compete in SCCA for division titles and championships. So far 2010 has shown one thing I can get it done!

My Dad response:

There's damn little satisfaction in winning a division just because your best competition didn't show up. BTW, great attitude and outlook - shows you're looking at things like a sensible, responsible grown up.

My Crew Chief Paul's response:

This is a great attitude to take Pete. I think in the first focused season. You can already put this on the books as a win for the season "job well done brother!" it has ben a pleasure enjoying these races with you, and thank you for involving me. Our racing porous is only growing. Besides Jensen has had lots of mechanical fortune who know that will last... Especially if I cut that fuckers break line in the pits wile he's not looking oups!" just kidding I want to beat his old ass fair and square. No matter how the season turns out you can hold your head high because this is a great start to a long life of racing.
~Crüe member Paul