Monday, September 28, 2009

F1 in NYC, it will always be a dream...

...but most likely never happen. If it did happen this is what it might look like:

Well I can not post the link to the article, but the source 0-60mag

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

From Art to Design to Art

Since I can remember I have been a artist, just like all my friends and peers who attended art school with. Most of us were the most talented artists in our High School's which lead us a all to career in art or design. Some in fine arts, graphics and illustrations, architecture and industrial design the path that I decided to follow.

I choose ID (industrial design) because I knew that there was a paying job on the other side of school, it Incorporated everything creative thinking, problem solving, drawings, model making and once you graduated the ability to go out and design products for the world. Well that is exactly what I do. I have been out of school since June 2004. I have at least 100 products on the market and many patents as well. The majority of these are in the Animal Product field which is a fun field to work in.

At some point I would love to peruse my own product development for my own company. I still have not figured out what that is or what field it will be in. Since I have graduated I have casually worked on my art and I am beginning to feel a building sensation to dig back into my work. I have had many ideas but nothing that feels polished or professional. 2010 will be the year that I relaunch my artwork and start thinking about what my future in the Industrial Design world will be. -D Racer

Monday, September 21, 2009

Fusion Filter

Over the last couple years I have been heading some decently large projects for my company. One of the biggest if the Fusion Power Filter for aquariums. We finally received our first order and they are perfect. So if you have fish go buy one, they will be in stores shortly!

-D Racer


I have traveled more this year than any year in my life, I am going to take time to post on each place I went this year, with comments, reviews and reflections...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Last race of the year!

Watkins Glen one of the oldest tracks in America. The ghosts of past races echo around every corner of the track. A track that is so ingrained in racing that I tattooed on my arm. I love this track!

We end every year at The Glen, it is always nice because after all the fly away races I love being able to leave work and drive upstate to what would be essentially a home race for. After taking a few years off racing, the glen was where I started again in 2005. I was there for the Alfa meet and race, I successful caught on fire that weekend, but got the car fixed and finished the race. The next year I went out and won my class for my first SVRA class win. The year after that we decided not to race due to weather conditions, the year after that we had problems with the Jets in the Carb, and now this year.

The weekend started out rocky, we had changed the clutch and it was very hard to get the car into 5th gear during the first session. The only real excitement of the session was when I found myself surrounded by slower cars and passed 5 cars in one corner. The second session I was still struggling with finding 5th, but I started getting it. I picked up my pace and in 2 laps I was withing a second and half of best time at the glen, the session was wet and grey so that showed what I would be able to do if the conditions we better. On the 5th lap as climbed the S's and shifted to 5th, the motor went off song. The same problem from Mid Ohio was back, this time it was game over for the weekend. I ended up out qualifying my father again by one spot, leaving him in 12th out of 36 and me in 11th. I did not see the green!

So the best season yet of my young racing career did not end on high note, but it was still a good year.

-D racer

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Weekend 2009

Oh Labor Day, everyone calls you the end of Summer! How wrong they are. Summer is not over on Labor day but it is notice that if you have not done everything you want during the summer, that now is the time to do it! What have I done this summer, I have traveled, I have raced and I learned how to ride and bought a motorcycle! I am not sure what I have not done this summer but I know what I didn't do enough of, I have only gone fishing twice this summer and next weekend I will racing as well! When will I get chance to catch some fish!

-D racer