Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Last race of the year!

Watkins Glen one of the oldest tracks in America. The ghosts of past races echo around every corner of the track. A track that is so ingrained in racing that I tattooed on my arm. I love this track!

We end every year at The Glen, it is always nice because after all the fly away races I love being able to leave work and drive upstate to what would be essentially a home race for. After taking a few years off racing, the glen was where I started again in 2005. I was there for the Alfa meet and race, I successful caught on fire that weekend, but got the car fixed and finished the race. The next year I went out and won my class for my first SVRA class win. The year after that we decided not to race due to weather conditions, the year after that we had problems with the Jets in the Carb, and now this year.

The weekend started out rocky, we had changed the clutch and it was very hard to get the car into 5th gear during the first session. The only real excitement of the session was when I found myself surrounded by slower cars and passed 5 cars in one corner. The second session I was still struggling with finding 5th, but I started getting it. I picked up my pace and in 2 laps I was withing a second and half of best time at the glen, the session was wet and grey so that showed what I would be able to do if the conditions we better. On the 5th lap as climbed the S's and shifted to 5th, the motor went off song. The same problem from Mid Ohio was back, this time it was game over for the weekend. I ended up out qualifying my father again by one spot, leaving him in 12th out of 36 and me in 11th. I did not see the green!

So the best season yet of my young racing career did not end on high note, but it was still a good year.

-D racer

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