Friday, May 27, 2011

V4 22 PTR Chair 2

This is the rendering for the PTR Chair 2 that I did the sketches for on V4 22. A more rounded version of my PTR Chair the molded plastic stack-able chairs.

Coming Soon...

U-Charge It: EV charging stations for public places
Beer Pedal Kart: Try and get a DUI on this
On the Fence: Gardening System

I am still working and doing an idea day but I am focusing on working through the good ones!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's Money

This is a Plastic Money clip designed to be mass produced for either promotional use or multi packaged and sold at counter top (gas station, Walmart, etc...). The idea is the making the money clip less of a high end item and more of a basic usable item. It is also good because it doesn't set off metal detectors so you do not need to take your money out of your pocket when traveling.

"It's Money"

Thursday, May 19, 2011

V5 19 pinheads logo and season trophies

If you wondered why my blog posts were always lacking on Friday it is because of my bowling league on Thursday. This year we won both the Thursday League and the Interleague championship!

We have not ever had shirts or a logo or anything just a bunch of people who liked to drink and bowl. So after we dominated both the Thursday league and Interleague we are in dire need of a logo. I worked on some sketches for a logo. I also developed a trophy for each person on the team.

V5 18 Infiniti race track

This is an interesting idea I had for a flexible race track that you can bend in anyway to make the car run! It is interactive bendy race track!

Drawing coming

BFD racing US Vintage Grand Prix 2010 at Watkins Glen 1

And I am running the Alfa again! But not the Lotus, oh well!

Racing the 240Z this year in SCCA!

Above is video from a vintage race in my EP 240z from last July. I think this year I am going to race in my SCCA campaign!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

V5 16 build your own Action Figure

Who wouldn't want to do this!

05 15 educational tablet

Edu Tab for Elementary and Middle Schools, description on drawing!

05 13 Metal Suction Baking with Sifter

This is project I worked on with my Uncle James who is a professional baker. We discussed products that do not exsist that would make his life easier as baker.

It is simply a large metal bowl with a sifter that can be attached securely.


05 12 Bouncy Shoes and Sleds

I have seen the fancy bouncy that are complicated and make you look something like mecha warrior. These are much more simple sandals with plastic frames that you slip over your shoes with bouncy cushions on the bottom.

Super Sled! Stand Up? Sit down? Or do it all in one place. This is sled (or possible water craft for boat towing).

Bouncy Shoes

starting sketches:

V5 11 Foam Ninja Star Game

This is game where you throw foam ninja stars with hooks on them at either hanging rings for points, targets mounted to the wall or targets placed around in space.

One sketch book down...

...and many to go! I started the sketchbook March 29th and it was completely filled by May 15th. Not all the ideas (or car sketches) have made it to this format but most of them have. At some point I will post the Misc Debris here that accumulated in the book over the month and half that did not show. It is everything from working drawings (for the 3D models), to the occasional robot and car drawing.

v5 07 bottle cars and novelty flying disk launcher

I have no idea I was up at 4am fishing and got home at noon, slept till 4:30 and starting atempting to think at 6pm. This is what I came up with.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat and Sun!

Hopefully I can these up tonight! I came up with some cool stuff, but I have been so busy that I haven't had time to make the posts. If not tonight I will dedicate my Tuesday evening to this!

This is the quick details of the ideas:

Wed: Foam Ninja Star game
Thurs: Sleds and Bouncy Shoes
Fri: Suction Metal Bowl with Incorporated Sifter
Sat: Building for my uncles farm property
Sun: Educational Tablet
Mon: Still thinking!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

v5 11 iDocks and iBamboo

details coming

v5 09 Hey Guy Game

I am not really sure about this. It was late on Monday night and I drew this explanation coming later.

v5 08 the great fish off

I spent today cleaning and preparing over 40lbs of fish. I grilled, sauteed and smoked it.

Caught Fish:

Lots of Fish:

Fish Tacos:

Smoked Fish:

v5 06 Roller'z

Wooden plastic toy to help infants and toddlers move around.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What's going on?

...did I take a break? Lose interest?

Nope got designs for the 6th, 7th and 9th. On the 8th prepared over 40lbs of Sea Bass for cooking that we caught the day before.

So far I'm not happy with every toy direction. Some are pretty silly. But I will start getting them up soon.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

v5 04 night light guy and marble racing

Ok I did some concepts so the executive money clip will have to wait.

The 2 concepts developed last night are the night light guy. It is a dome night light that you can cover with little guys either cute animals or little monsters. They will be a mix of translucent, semi translucent and opaque material. They sit in dock and can be lifted off to be taken off for late night adventures. The other concept was Marble Racers. Which marbles that look like cars and the packaging turns into a race track (Lauren thought of the 2nd part)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sourcery freelancing

I did some work for company that made promotional items for companies. I did tons of jump drives and stuff for doctors but these were 2 of my favorite designs. Not sure if they ever got made.

v5 04 executive money clip (maybe)

this is cool idea in case I don't come up with anything tonight while brainstorming, you can speculate what an executive money clip looks like...

v5 03 water rocket gun

This was just random idea I had combining a normal gardening hose to shoot a soft rocket. I call it the water rocket gun. Just screw the gun to the hose mount the rocket on the end pull the trigger once to build pressure and pull it again to fire the rocket off. Who knows if it would work but it could be cool. I original thought of just a water gun that looked like a real gun to mount to your hose for plant watering.

Monday, May 2, 2011

PTRdesign Intellectual Property

As the blog grows and designs keep coming, I have to be diligent to protect my ideas, but that is hard because I am posting them on the web for the world to see. From now on every image will have a watermark and a statement that it is my intellectual property and I own them.

I have also asked you if there were ideas that you have and you want them developed. Your ideas will be protected as intellectual property as well and if at any point it becomes income generating you will be compensated.

Last any items that I have posted that I developed for JW Pet Company who I am the Senior Designer for are not my intellectual property, they are owned by JW Pet Company. They most likely are patented or patent pending. Everything I have and will post from my company are items that have already been produced and can be purchased at your local pet store as long as they are still in production!

v5 02 white board toy

Well it's day one of the 2nd month of #designAday. The focus this month will be toys and fun and funny things! I should still be able to develop concepts that can be produced even if some ideas are whimsical and absurd!

I still want to develop several of the concepts from month one, but I can not stop the brain storming for month 2.

I just sketched out a basic abstract figure that would be molded in high gloss plastic similar to a white board that way you can sketch on the figure, leave note and be creative without it being permanent. The figure needs a little work (a lot)! I love the idea of the dunnie that you can draw on yourself, but what if your drawing sucks, well you ruined your toy. This would never happen with this toy. It would also have interchangeable parts so you could build and draw on different figures.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

v4 19 Phase 2: Bucket Chiller

The PTR Bucket chiller comes in single buckets, single stand buckets and 5 bucket chiller stand.

v4 31 Vegetable Garden

Today I planted my first vegetable garden as part of my Urban Garden system I am doing some tests. Today I planted a container vegetable garden and garden in the bed. The garden gets more morning sunlight and the containers get more afternoon. It is going to be very interesting to see which does better. I thought of a lot of design opportunities while going through the process of planting the veggies.

Container Garden:

Bed Garden:

And my GF's mother came and helped us get our yard summer ready: