Monday, September 9, 2013

USVGP Alfa Racing

Long time no posting.

Apparently being a Design Director/Director of Product Development. Starting a LLC for some design projects, getting married and racing cars can turn out to be quite time consuming!

That being said I know you miss my random rants, my stupid doodles and my design for design sake. What does that mean? No I will not post daily, but I will try and start putting together a weekly post. Not sure what it is going to be about but now that I have more time I will try.


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Its been a long time...

WOW. I have not posted since Nov 2012. I know you all hate me and miss my informative and fun blog posting. Or no one really cares.

Either way quick updates. I am now the Design Director/Director of Product Development for KIKKERLAND DESIGN INC. And I have founded PTR Design LLC. 

Other than that I am getting married in 20 days. As the summer accelerates I will update more often. So much to share now.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Legend of Zelda, LINK

It was time to do a video game sketch!

Iron Man on a plane

I had a nice child behind on me on flight so I did a Iron Man pen sketch for him

Disney bought Starwars

I dont like this one that much but I had to draw Mickey Skywalker


Now I am rolling and have been sketching lots of different stylized Super Hero. I love Spiderman, why not draw him in my own style. But you can not draw Spiderman in blocky method. I decided to make some changes in other places.

Avengers Assemble

I thought to myself that little Batman drawing came out really well. What if instead of doodling I attempted a full on super hero rendering, using all the proper design drawing methods. I had never drawn the Avengers even when I was child and drew comics all the time. I did a quick small thumbnail that came out alright but I knew I could do better so I laid it out one more time for a full on marker rendered drawing of the Avengers.

Batman and Villains

Once again a week passed and then I started sketching Batman again! It started as thumbnail but became a full out rendering.