Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bringing my reviews to my peoples!

Here is a link to my Yelp reviews, dont ask where to eat just look:


Monday, October 12, 2009

Uruguay to Jamaica (with a lot in between)

Other than my racing travels I have done the most traveling Internationally in one year in my life. I normally only get out of the country once or twice a year. 2009 was much more special in the sense that I have been out of the country 4 times with one still to go, visting a total of 7 countries. I plan on reflecting on these travels and what I saw and did in this posting over the next couple weeks.

The countries I visited over the last 10 months are Uruguay, Argentina, Hong Kong, Mainland China, Bahamas and Jamaica. Some of the trips were for work and others were for pleasure. The last place of the year be Mexico.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

boundaries and barriers

What defines a boundary? What creates a barrier?

Why are these things in place to keep us safe? To prevent access? What if they were not there?

objects of desire

what do we covet? Why is Louie Vuitton and Ferrari considered so high class: price, marketing, quality (all of the above).

What if LV made garbage bags and Ferrari made dust pans? Would you be able to sell them for $1000? Would they be better than any other garbage bags or dust pans?

Why do we covet products that are based on class and money? Why don't we covet warm days and walking the dog? What have we become, is there a duality?

*An artist actually made a computer rendering of a Louie Vuitton garbage bag and it caused quite a stir on the blogosphere!

space shapes

Ghost space, a frame of what isn't there and what is! The shape space is the expanse it sits in while being true to itself and its surroundings!


stretch art, over stretched, stretched out, a big stretch

What cant be stretched? What should be stretched? What would be surprising stretched?

These are the questions, through yoga the body stretches, through music, art and literature the mind stretches! What causes the biggest stretches of body and mind.

What daily objects stretch?