Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Security Dog Leash #PTRdesign

After reading this post on FastCo.Exist no keeping your dog safe while shopping: http://www.fastcoexist.com/1679385/hundehi-keep-your-dog-safe-while-shopping I had to sketch up my own concept and show them.

Then our correspondence via Twitter:

-Co.Exist ‏ @FastCoExist
@PTRagonetti Nice concept, Peter. Looks like a good alternative for dog-owners who don't feel comfortable leaving their dog in a crate.

-Peter ‏ @PTRagonetti
@FastCoExist Thanks It is also good for a place like NYC where space is at a premium. It was a quick 30min sketch-up after seeing your post.

-Co.Exist ‏ @FastCoExist
@PTRagonetti Impressive! Glad we could help with the inspiration :)

Fun day of sketching on Friday!

Update 05-01-12 this has been submitted to Quirky as well, please vote for it: http://www.quirky.com/ideations/209606

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Random Design Sketches 4

Random Design Sketching 3_Handheld

Some form studies for Handheld devices that slide open. I was thinking Smart Phone like device.

Random Design Sketching 2 _ Bottle

Random Bottle Design Sketching

Random Design Sketches 1

These are just random form and design studies I have been doing with my free time. You know the usual cars, robots, toys and shapes