Thursday, November 8, 2012

Legend of Zelda, LINK

It was time to do a video game sketch!

Iron Man on a plane

I had a nice child behind on me on flight so I did a Iron Man pen sketch for him

Disney bought Starwars

I dont like this one that much but I had to draw Mickey Skywalker


Now I am rolling and have been sketching lots of different stylized Super Hero. I love Spiderman, why not draw him in my own style. But you can not draw Spiderman in blocky method. I decided to make some changes in other places.

Avengers Assemble

I thought to myself that little Batman drawing came out really well. What if instead of doodling I attempted a full on super hero rendering, using all the proper design drawing methods. I had never drawn the Avengers even when I was child and drew comics all the time. I did a quick small thumbnail that came out alright but I knew I could do better so I laid it out one more time for a full on marker rendered drawing of the Avengers.

Batman and Villains

Once again a week passed and then I started sketching Batman again! It started as thumbnail but became a full out rendering.

Star Wars and misc

A couple weeks passed and I kept drawing other things including the usual cars and products, then I randomly draw a guys head on a horse shaped body and I decided I should draw Star Wars character with animal bodies.

Batman and Wolverine

It started with a casual pen sketch of Batman as no legged dog toy shape. I try and Batman all the time, I love Batman. Once Batman came out pretty good I also tried Wolverine. Both were orginally drawn in ball point pen.

Once I had the basic sketch and pen rendering I decided to add marker next.

Pop Culture Sketching

I have been sketching lots of cool figures, animals and fun character themes for dog toys recently. I decided I wanted to transition that into some pop culture drawings. I have always been a huge comic book, video game and sci-fi fan. Much of this inspiration is why I went into a creative field. I took some of the drawing styles I have been using for toy sketches and I have translated them into my own versions of famous pop culture icons. I will post some that work in several posts.