Monday, May 21, 2012

BFDracing T-Shirts Designs

Hopefully my dad doesn't read my blog that often! I am hoping to get these made for him for his Bday and father days.

Welcome to ICFF Gallery 2012!

 3D Printed Lights from nervous system

Awesome inlay 

Hand Cut with the person doing a demo

Metal Dividers

Reclaimed wood table

Modern Cat Litter Box

Cardboard full size horse


Paper walls and chairs!

Pratt Student work

Great murphy bed

Charles Pollock

Vitra. (cork sign)

Phillip Stark design

Great new semi standing desk concept

MOMA store

Broom light? 

Cat house

Great student design for Gutters

Beautiful Student from CCAC students

Hand craved wood furniture

Cool bentwood furniture

Great leather animals

Stick light