Tuesday, May 1, 2012

#PTRdesigns, 53Paper & Tumblr

I downloaded the 53paper app for my iPad and I have to say it is amazing. I have never found a drawing app that captures line quality quite like it. Here is the website for it: http://www.fiftythree.com/paper
I highly recommend if you like to sketch or water color. The drawing above is of my dog I did while we were lying in bed one morning in about 20mins. It was the first time I used it.

The one downfall I have found with the 53Paper app is that it only exports to Tumblr and Facebook. I would prefer Blogger and Twitter. The Tumblr for #PTRdesigns will primarily just be digital sketches exported straight from my iPad to Tumblr as I work on them. See link below. I hope to start adding one sketch a day. I was thinking a sketch every morning right when I wake up and I am still sort of in the dream realm. I will update shortly on that idea.

Here is the link to the #PTRdesigns 53paper Tumblr: http://ptragonetti.tumblr.com/

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