Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Before "The Great Googa Mooga"

If you look back further in my blog you will photos of food from China, France and Spain. I often joke that I moonlight as a Food Photographer. You can see some of my food photos on my Yelp account here:

My uncle was taking pictures of food in the 80's and people thought it was weird. I started photographing food on my travels in the 00's. Then once I had a camera attached to my phone I started shooting food everywhere. At first people on Myspace and Facebook thought it was weird. Well now it is a trend, 60% of photos on Instagram are food (or so I read in a WSJ article) whether that was conjecture or not, the passion for food is here to stay!

Which brings me to The Great Googa Mooga which invades Prospect Park BK this weekend. The first ever Food, Booze and Music Festival! Here is the NY times write up:

I will document the experince and record it here on Monday. Here are some of my favorite food photos I have recently taken:

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