Monday, May 2, 2011

PTRdesign Intellectual Property

As the blog grows and designs keep coming, I have to be diligent to protect my ideas, but that is hard because I am posting them on the web for the world to see. From now on every image will have a watermark and a statement that it is my intellectual property and I own them.

I have also asked you if there were ideas that you have and you want them developed. Your ideas will be protected as intellectual property as well and if at any point it becomes income generating you will be compensated.

Last any items that I have posted that I developed for JW Pet Company who I am the Senior Designer for are not my intellectual property, they are owned by JW Pet Company. They most likely are patented or patent pending. Everything I have and will post from my company are items that have already been produced and can be purchased at your local pet store as long as they are still in production!

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