Monday, May 2, 2011

v5 02 white board toy

Well it's day one of the 2nd month of #designAday. The focus this month will be toys and fun and funny things! I should still be able to develop concepts that can be produced even if some ideas are whimsical and absurd!

I still want to develop several of the concepts from month one, but I can not stop the brain storming for month 2.

I just sketched out a basic abstract figure that would be molded in high gloss plastic similar to a white board that way you can sketch on the figure, leave note and be creative without it being permanent. The figure needs a little work (a lot)! I love the idea of the dunnie that you can draw on yourself, but what if your drawing sucks, well you ruined your toy. This would never happen with this toy. It would also have interchangeable parts so you could build and draw on different figures.

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