Tuesday, April 12, 2011

V4 11: few bad ideas

Monday April 11th, busy day at work, I have to workout and most importantly Lauren's Birthday! When will I have time to develop my idea. Well I didn't have much so I worked on some sketches at the end of the day and hated what I came up with, but here were the 3 ideas.

Exercise Office chair:

Pivoting Shelf:

Roto-Molded Bulbous Drawers:

Given my lack of ideas at the end of yesterday I have decided whenever an idea pops in my head I writing it at the top of a blank page for further development. So far I have 4 ideas moving forward. This way I will at least have a direction when I am pressed for time.

UPDATED 04-19: Last night I had a cool idea or at least nicer looking idea for the balance chair concept, see below:

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