Thursday, April 7, 2011

V4-6: just part of the process

Spent part of last night continuing to work out what I believe is a very marketable idea that I have not even posted yet, partly because I want to resolve it and partly because even though it is marketable it might not be the market I want!

So I drew a chair and I really liked it and Lauren said it looked cool and retro. Well that is because is pretty much exists and is famous! I unintentionally knocked off the Jacobsen Egg Chair, after realizing that I decided I should just draw one more thing to add to V4-6. Below is the Retro knock off chair, I also posted a picture of the real chair.

The other idea was my "buddy guy" bench, ottoman, chair and funky little furniture idea. I think it would be really cool if it was roto-molded (hollow plastic) and could be dressed up with sheep skin, rubber, teddy bear fuzz or something else fun. Maybe I will elaborate on this idea later.

My Buddy Guy:

My Retro knock off chair:

Jacobsen Egg Chair:

I love Jacobsen work! Love it!

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