Saturday, April 9, 2011

Random idea expanding sponges

This came to me last night when I was sleeping this happens a lot but I forget to make a note of it and lose the idea. Remember those magic capsule animal and dinosaur shapes that you submerged the capsule in the water and a little bit later out came a lion or Dino shaped sponge. Does this method actaully have any practical applications? I am sure someone has thought of this and I would like to know why it didn't work. Because here is how I see it. They sell a blistered packed card with 10 capsules on it for 4.99 and they charging more for the novelty of the item. Couldn't you throw 25 to 50 capsules in a poly bag and sell it for 8 to 15 bucks. The capsules are small so that will cut down on shipping costs, shelf space (which retail will love) and home storage. When you need a new sponge you just simply place a capsule in water voila you have a sponge. I guess the only hang up would be production I don't know how they are manufactured where sponges are very simple die cut sheets, but if the dollars make sense it could be worth it.

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