Friday, July 22, 2011

Electric Vehicle charging stations

Major cities need to commit to less polluting systems from AC units to green spaces our cities need to interact with the environment better. I look at NYC as forward thinking city that is on the forefront for other large city policies.

I would love NYC to commit to electric vehicles from Taxis to Police cars this could greatly reduce New York City daily carbon foot print. Here is the problem in NYC and around America. There is no infrastructure for electric vehicles. Obama wants 1 million on the road by 2015 well with out charging stations will be dead on the road. These should be provided at minimal cost as an incentive for for buyers.

I decided I would sketch up a few concepts for NYC city developed charging stations that not only provide juice the cars but also improve the community that they are in.

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  1. I want to open an EV Charging Stations Can anyone give me details? I live in United States