Friday, August 5, 2011

The Fighter Vee!

Last year my close friend sent me a craigslist listing and the email said "what is this and is it fun". It was a Caldwell Formula Vee and yes it is fun.

He started racing it this year. Successfully passing his student racing test and winning the novice open wheel race. Congrats! (fast forward in 2:45min to get to the start)

Then came the decision to wrap the car and how he should do it. He wanted to possible wrap it in vintage F1 livery I suggested we wrap it to look like WWII fighter plane. The results are pretty amazing. Full disclosure after suggesting it and sending some reference images I had nothing else to do with it. But the people who did do it did an incredible job.

The best part of this is I get to co-drive the car with my friend later this year in a RMVR enduro race in Colorado.

UPDATE 10-05-11: Im too tall the roll bar does not fit over my head! GRRRRRR!

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