Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It took a year, but I have a plan...

Last year I started venting about where I am in my life. A College Grad in 2004, starting working while in school been with the same company since(now 2011)! None of this is bad but I am ready to break out and try something fun.

I have been pining over what do with my life and how to achieve what I perceive is success. I am designer, I love to create but I also went into design because of the inherent entrepreneurial nature of design and creation, figuring I could learn the business of end of manufacturing and sales! I have learned a lot but I am still not sure what I should make for myself. Then I had a brain storming idea.

I going to start devoting a month to a product category for the next 6 months until I know what I want to make. I will develop at least one concept a day for 3 weeks and then develop the strongest concepts in the computer the last week of each brainstorming month. Seems simple enough...

Everything I do I will post here and on Twitter. I will post the finalized concepts on Coroflot.


April: Lets start with something easy... April is furniture
May: Kitchen products
June: Kids Toys
July: ?????? (racing products maybe)
August: ???????
September: ???????

We start Friday! I will upload the concepts daily no matter how bad or good. This is public so it will be dated and hence loosely protected as intellectual property. I will upload the final ideas too. Maybe we will take the best ideas and put them on Kickstarter for funding!

Comments are encouraged. Also if you have any ideas for products or anything let me know and I will take a shot at it.

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