Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Design! What!

When you are busy person with lots of things going on sometimes you forget the basics the reason you have chosen the path you have. Design Art, Art Design, Designers Artists, Deadlines Bosses and Clients...

Sometimes that is overwhelming but then sometimes I remember I didn't just become a designer to wag my finger at my teachers that said stop doodling in class. I became a designer because I was creative and enjoyed playing with duck tape. I like making things, it is such strange thing to say now because it is expected of me, so now when faced with a problem I look for the best already designed solution INSTEAD of doing what I always did and was trained to do and come up with my own solution. And god bless there is website where you can show your ideas, get funding and sell it!

So now when faced with challenges and problems I will not look for the easy already designed way but consider my own and stop pretending I make stuff and make it!

Sometimes after a long day at the office the idea of putting pen to paper and brainstorming can seem exhausting. But the only way out of this rut is to design my way out! Develop things that matter or not even, but will sell!

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