Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Videos from the US Vintage Grand Prix at WGI

My Qualifying lap and the fastest lap I have ever run at WGI, to put me 5th on the grid and first in class:

Then the first Qualifying race in which I started 4th for, I made 2 mistakes one on the start where I tried the outside and one in the S's where I missed 5th gear, but I fought back very hard and ended up 8th:

Feature Race 1 was uneventful on semi-wet track early in the morning and I was under the weather, I finished 8th overall and first in class:

Feature Race 2 was delayed due to a wet and oiled track. My GoPro ran out of space. But I ended up finishing 5th overall and winning my class:

For some rason I can not embed videos here because YouTube is all sorts of messed up

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