Monday, April 9, 2012

Submission for FastCoDesign/Porsche 911 Next Design Challenge

Stealing design elements from any of the Porsche 911 line is a pleasure. There are so many beautiful versions of this prestigious automobile. But my favorite is the 1980s 930 Porsche 911 Turbo wide-body. The “whale tail”! The car I grew up riding to school in.

Using design elements from this car I created a LED Porsche Desk Lamp, made with brushed metal and overmolded rubber. I tried to capture the basic lines of the beefy rear wheel-well and black stone guard detail from the rocker panel and wheel-well for the base of the lamp, along with the sloped hood and rubber bumpers. The lower pivoting arm of the lamp is my whale tail and the upper arm is a reflection of the Porsche roofline and the windshield rake. Plus I added a little 911 wheel detail to the pivoting elbow between the arms.

While creating this design I thought about the speed and quality of Porsche, taking into consideration the timelessness of Porsche design. I tried to capture that feeling in the overall design presence of this desk lamp. I wanted to make it feel like it would rocket off your desk, but last forever as a testament to craftsmanship and good design.

Let there be the speed of light!

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