Friday, December 30, 2011

Neat to Rock Bourbon Glass Project progress

The Neat to Rocks concept Glass that I came up with a couple of weeks ago has been moving long well. I took the next steps to refine the concept.

I tested the theory in some glasses I had at home to make sure the glass would not crack and that the ice would not float right away. The ice does not expand enough to crack the and the surface tension on the ice keeps the ice from floating when Bourbon is added. Then I tested different amount of water to get the perfect amount that does not stay neat too long before rising too the top to become rocks.

Then I started printing models of glasses to make sure my scale and shape was good. The first model was super sized but I caught it before the whole printed and then I printed 4 more before getting to the final shape. The final shape is designed with a opening at the bottom for the perfect amount of water.

I then designed the caddy to hold the glasses so they would not fall over in the freezer. The first design came out looking like soap dish and I wanted to maintain a elegant appearance, so in version 2 I decided I would incorporate coasters into the design as well. The the Caddy is molded plastic with a rubber ring around the handle hole. The coasters are Bamboo due to the fact that Bamboo have very little hygroscopic properties so it will not expand or shrink much from the moisture in the freezer. The coasters fit into the caddy and the glasses fit into the indent in the coasters.

See all project process images below.

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  1. Just curious if you have made any progress on this? Seems like a pretty neat (no pun intended) idea.