Thursday, September 1, 2011

Rotational Molding Machine

If you saw my post below about my buddies "I Scream Man" toys, he also went out and bought a way to produce them. How about this, a table top Rotational Molding Machine.

If you are new to manufacturing this is how you make the high end designer vinyl toys, i.e. Kid Robot and Dunnies. You simply build a mold (of your toy design) that can sustain high heat (we are still working on that), fill the mold with vinyl pellets, mount it between the plates with screws, close the door, turn on the heating element and then switch on the motor and start the rotation. We are not sure in mold timing or heat levels but Ryan says there is an equation for that.

See my video below of the machine working and pictures of it.

PS This is also how the squeaksters are made!


  1. I'm interested in getting one of these machines. Is this for sale or do you know where I can get one?