Monday, July 27, 2009

My love and hate relationship with Road America!

It began the first time I arrived in Elkhart Wi when I was teenager. I love this track. It is big and beautiful it deserves the name Road America. Too bad my racing success has not equaled my love for the track! With my overall record there being 4 DNF's and 1 last place this track has been one track that I have struggled on to say the least! Unfortunately this track will now host the SCCA Runoffs for the next 4 years, so it is time to get good on this track.

To say this track big is an understatement, the track is 4 miles long, most tracks are not over 3 miles. It is mix of very long straights and very fast corners. It is not a track for the faint of heart and those lacking the proper attachments.
This trip we brought our Nissan Z race cars, my father had built a car specifically for this track and turned over his SCCA EP to me for the race. The Z's would run in group but separate classes. The first session was wet, very wet but I felt comfortable and laid down a few decent laps about 30seconds off the pace. The 2nd session was worse (so I am glad I didn't run it).

The next morning we had the early session, it hard to run the early session after a night of partying. But I went out and successfully qualified 3rd in class. The first race went smooth, jumped a bunch of cars on the start since vintage drivers all start slow. Held off a few of them and finished 2nd in class 3 cars behind first and 15 overall out 52. The race the following day went similar I jumped up to the 1st place car in my class and tried to maintain pressure on him but with out success. I ended up getting passed for 2nd and finishing 3rd in class and 12th overall!

Honestly I have no compliants this is the best I have ever done at this track and it is nice to see some results from all the hard work I have put in training in the off season and working on my racing craft!

-D racer

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