Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Life is a one lap race

I am creating it for me, not you. I am not sure if it will public or private and whether I am writing this now as an address to myself or the possible future reader. I have wanted to create a place where I can reflect on the day to day and make comments and notes on many of small things that slip through the cracks while pursuing larger goals. I never would call this journal because I may choose to share it with the world. Many entries may read like prose and lack any formal grammar because I generally think in stream of consciences and my mind rarely takes breaks.

I may make a entry once a week or once day, but when something strikes me and reaches beyond the superficial level that I deal with most things, I will reflect on it. I may call these moments of zen or other cliche terms but what I am really trying to do it put into words feelings that build up inside of me and thoughts that must be freed. These feeling stem from my passions, also my relationships with friends, family and my bunny (hopefully I don't have to explain the bunny thing). I will also use this forum as place to give my personal outlook on situations that I experience.

-D racer

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